About US

Reason 2 Ride 2014 with Gradients Website

Who WE Are:

We are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION 501(c)(3) , consisting of a growing group of people banned together for the sole purpose of having fun helping others. We have all dedicated a large portion of our time to organizing the rides, getting donations, preparing food, hanging posters and flyers, among other tasks that are required for
our benefits. We are a 100% volunteer organization!

What Drives US?
It is a lot of work putting these benefits together, but it is also fun. The people we meet, the time spent getting to know and love each of the families, the laughs, along with
the tears make this a wonderful and rewarding experience, and that drives us to continue our efforts. We have all had our own personal “hard times” and the help 
and support that we received is what makes us want to help others. It is true, that what goes around, comes around, and with that in mind we are a committee of few dedicated to helping many. 

Dedicated, Committed, and Caring.